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Finally, thanks to the most recent ttgo episode, we have an answer for all of the “What happened to the ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS??” people

they died

Robin took of his mask, and they died


The Teen Titans Go! want to teach us all a very important lesson: Eat your veggies!

Another important lesson: Don’t get too carried away.

It’s an ALL NEW episode and it’s happening today, 6/5c on Cartoon Network!


Video Clip, Images For This Week’s New Episode Of “Teen Titans Go!”


The Outside Entrance


When your online friends finally meet you in person.

— Anonymous: If teen titans go is a success as far as ratings go and builds up a fan base do you think it'll pave the way for a continuation of teen titans original?


ttg is a completely different genre of cartoon than teen titans 03. the voice actors and characters may be the same but after the financial failures of young justice & gltas (and btb) its unlikely that cartoonnetwork is going after a serious dc show again for a lil while at least.

theres definitely gonna be another “serious” teen titans show someday but i doubt itll have anything to do with the 03 series. theres been like 800 batman series, if the tt franchise gets popular enough maybe itll have the same thing.




Images from upcoming epsidode of Teen Titans GO! “Friendship”

"Friendship" airs Thursday, October 2 6:00/5:00c on Cartoon Network Control Freak zaps the Titans into the latest episode of Pretty, Pretty Pegasus, and the team has to figure out how to help the creatures in order to get home.

I literally cannot wait until next week.

Haha I know at least one of these is DJ’s. And whoo! First episode I worked on for Titans! 8D

One day from Cyborg’s life


Video Clip, Images For Next Week’s New Episode Of “Teen Titans Go!”